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While nature can be beautiful and even breathtaking, it can sometimes also overtake your life a bit when it comes to landscaping and lawn care. Overgrown plants and lawns with long grass need tending in order to stay healthy and be aesthetically appealing. It’s possible to do these tasks by hand, but a little help never hurts and may make your job significantly easier. That’s where Little Wonder Lawn and Landscaping Equipment comes in.

Since 1922, Little Wonder has been making products that simplify lawn care and maintenance. Their hedge trimmer was the first one ever made. Following this innovative success, he company moved their operations to the United States in 1935, where they continued to expand and change the lawn care industry for the better. From leaf blowers to brush cutters, Little Wonder Lawn and Landscaping Equipment is here to make your job easier and faster so you can enjoy the results that much sooner!

Eden Lawnmower is a proud Little Wonder dealer, serving both Eden and Madison, North Carolina, as well as Ridgeway, Virginia. We have both parts and service departments to help you maintain your Little Wonder lawn & landscaping equipment.

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