STIHL Power Equipment in Eden, NC

STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment 

 America's #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered
handheld outdoor equipment

Since 1977, STIHL has crafted premium outdoor power equipment for homeowners and professional landscapers alike. Offering classic, long-lasting durability and consistent performance, STIHL equipment is your reliable choice in outdoor power.

Eden Lawnmower carries a vast selection of equipment. Learn more about our STIHL inventory below, or stop in to take yours home today.


STIHL Hand-Held Equipment in Eden, NC

Hand-Held Equipment

We carry a wide inventory of hand-held STIHL equipment, including commercial and residential hedge clippers, power cutters, blowers, lawn vacuums, chainsaws, trimmers, edgers, and more.

STIHL Professional Grade Chainsaws in Eden, NC

Professional Grade Chainsaws

STIHL professional grade chainsaws are some of the best available. Durable and built to last no matter what you put it through, STIHL professional chainsaws are all you will ever need!

STIHL Battery Operated Power Equipment in Eden, NC

Battery-Powered Equipment

A newer product line of STIHL, battery-powered models offer absolute convenience. Enjoy a long-lasting battery and lightweight construction, with the same classic STIHL power.

STIHL Pressure Washers in Eden, NC

Pressure Washers

Built for daily use and excellent performance, STIHL pressure washers are some of the best you can get. Available in both residential and professional models STIHL has the pressure washer you need.

STIHL Pressure Washers, in Eden, NC

Backpack Sprayers

Available in both manual and gas-powered models STIHL backpack sprayers provide excellent spraying coverage.Strong, portable, and dependable you can't go wrong with a STIHL backpack sprayer!

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