Toro Snowthrower

Snow Surrounding Home in Mountains

Toro Snow Throwers

If you’re interested in finding a way to make the upcoming winter season easier to deal with, consider investing in a Toro Snow Thrower. These products will make the task of snow clearing seem like a breeze. By combining advanced technology with incredible durability, Toro Snow Throwers are capable of handling the toughest jobs like a pro. No matter what winter throws at you, you can be sure that your Toro Snow Thrower is up for the task. Visit us at Eden Lawnmower in Eden, NC today to check out our selection of Toro Snow Throwers!

Meet The Lineup

Toro 1500 Power Curve® (38371) Snow Thrower

When you need serious power without the trouble of maintenance, there’s the Toro electric snowblower. These productive machines feature controls that are easy to use, a lightweight design, quick chute lever so you don’t need to crank, and power curve technology that efficiently removes snows and reduces clogging. You won’t believe the power of this Toro.

Toro Power Clear® 721 R (38741) Snowthrower

There’s a reason why Toro is the most trusted brand for single-stage snowblowers. All of the features mean business, like the quick shoot control system so you can change chute direction without slowing down, the zip deflector that allows you to throw snow at any height.

Toro SnowMaster® 724 QXE (36002) Snowthrower

If you want to take your snow-clearing abilities to the next level, consider investing in the Toro SnowMaster. Easy controls have been combined with easy maneuvering for the smoothest snow-clearing experience yet. You’ll enjoy enhanced throw distance with the tall chute and Personal Pace self-propel system that adapts to your preferred walking speed.

Toro Power Max® HD 928 OHXE (38801) Snowthrower

You’ll love having total control with the two-stage snowblower by Toro. The Quick Stick chute control features an innovative joystick for changing chute direction and angle with ease. Don’t forget the anti-clogging system that reroutes excess snow away from the chute to reduce clogging. This snowblower is made of a sub-zero material for enduring especially cold temperatures.